Rainpal has been extensively designed over the past year and people ask how it will stay on at speed?Answer - the faster you ride the more secure it become, nature working in conjunction with Rainpal, as it has three 1mm clips that go over the visor and sitting inside are three small suction cups. Therefore the unit cannot be pulled through. The clamps are only 1mm thick and made of steel so very strong and they will therefore being so thin not interfere with rain coming into the helmet - more information will be revealed soon

Have you ever wanted the same vision riding a motorcycle in the rain as a car driver's vision? Users of Rainpal will be able to.

Rainpal will be able to flex similar to an  inlet hose to your washing machine to fit most full face helmets if it does not fit yours we will refund your money upon return of Rainpal (subject to terms) 

We are perfectionists and were frustrated with bad visibility in the rain especially in congested city driving at lower speeds. Rainpal will also drastically reduce visor misting as the cold rain will be wiped off quickly

Our unique Patented, lightweight, removable, electric, ultra-thin wiper provides a whole new unparalleled view in the rain, far superior than rain repellents, or moving your head from side to side.

Rainpal will be incredibly lightweight at around 150g with negligible drag as there a air vents between the visor and Rainpal you might forget to take it off your visor in the dry

As riders we have had to endure poor visiblity in the rain for too long and now is the chance to vastly improve vision and therefore safety in the rain

Discounts will be applied for the first 100 Rainpals sold.

Each Rainpal comes with a single click detachable wiper and hard shell carry case which can be stored in most bikes

Rainpal could save your life

If you want to be advised when we launch please email us at sales@rainpal.vision

Feedback from viewers on Rainpal's Facebook posts:

"The gadget you are looking at is known as Rainpal and is quite a well-though-out invention if you ask us" - Wonderfulengineering.com

Tom Parker: "Take my money - I think this is a fantastic idea, and with it being so cheap who could say no. I'm sure my fellow club members and I would be interested"

Joakim Lindeborg "That invention will revolutionise the world"

Pete Dolphin "At long last. Brilliant"

Mikael Buzare "Simply brillant, go ahead. So tired to wipe my screen with my gloves"

Mike O'Donovan "this is a brilliant invention, definitely need one of them, i ride in Ireland where we get summer for 15 mins each year, the rest is just rain, it`ll make commuting so much safer, how soon can i expect delivery?"

Mick McEvoy Hi, I live in Scotland the wettest part of the UK make one with a Saltire and I will be your head salesperson. I love it

John Hargrave "Email sent ...wNt one so bad ...brilliant ...about time"

Juan Rivera "BAM!!!111 I want one""

Chris Sixsmith "whens the launch?"

BJ Wrigley "Great idea"

Jason Hardman "Amazing idea want one"

David Ames " I belong to CMA ( Christian Motorcyclists Association ) We are world wide and I can just imagine How many of these you could sell just by word of mouth and show and tell among us"

Rudy Tierens "die heeft een gat in de markt gevonden goed produkt "Who has a hole in the market found great product"

Jenny Stickells "About time some one came up with this well done"

Michal Majkel "Need you in the UK"

Wouter Agsteribbe "Great idea!
Rain on the visor is bad for vision, true. The wiper will help against that. Neat!"

Here at Rainpal we believe every rider should have the chance at a reasonable price to have near perfect vision in the rain. Rainpal The Road Ahead Is Clear

"The gadget you are looking at is known as Rainpal and is quite a well-though-out invention if you ask us" - Wonderfulengineering.com

Tom Parker: "Take my money - I think this is a fantastic idea, and with it being so cheap who could say no. I'm sure my fellow club members and I would be interested"

                                              Rainpal is Design and Mechanical Patent Pending.

                                                      We are so humbled by the response of publications all over the world on Rainpal some are listed below.                                                     Thank you guys for the support in English, France, Chinese to name a few translations.

Now with adhesive strip so you can lift your visor at any speed! (Please see Key Features)

Rainpal fits All curved visors with FREE fast air delivery to all countries                                                      


More responses than we could dream of, Rainpal had 1,000,000 + views on Facebook in our 1st two months, just in three posts, 723,000256,000138,000 with 100's of pre-orders paid for. For regular updates see Rainpal's Facebook To obtain 33% discount on retail cost view the Pre-Buy Rainpal Tab above. Limited numbers. Rainpal, probably the biggest ever evolution in vision for rider's in the rain ever. 

Rainpal fits ALL curved visors or your money back and attaches via an adhesive strip and detaches via a bracket. I felt in 2016 riders having compromised visiblity in the rain was unacceptable, Some riders had unconsciously accepted poor vision in the rain - I decided to do some thing about it, my name is Adam Aarons If repellents work well why do cars have wipers -  we only have one life. Scratching? we guarantee no scratching if your visor is clean and wet there will be no scratching but as an added guarantee we ship each Rainpal with a Free Tear Off. Rainpal on Discovery Channel TV - Drizzle, rain, dirty grey traffic spray, salt spray all greatly compromise vision. Rainpal cuts through all of them with her wiper and Jetwash

Rainpal No one ever thinks an accident is going to happen to them and having seen the disastrous medical and financial consequences of an accident someone had to do something about it and that someone is me. I put together some of the most talented engineers and designers who are all so thrilled to be involved in such a unique product which will be of such high quality we are offering a full comprehensive 24 month guarantee. I know from personal experience riding in drizzle, spray from trucks on your visor drastically reduces visiblity. We introduce Rainpal.

Rainpal is designed to fit all curved visors however in the extremely unlikely event Rainpal does not fit your visor, no worries, we will give you a full refund.

Being based just outside of London it is ideal for testing Rainpal with rain possible any day or night of the year.

We hope to make Rainpal in the U.K Premier League football team colours. 

Every motorcyclist has been caught out where they can't see clearly in drizzle, that dirty grey spray from trucks, buses etc it's a matter a perception what is clear vision. You wouldn't drive a car without the wipers on why drive a motorcycle without Rainpal on? Around 110 years ago someone said let's put a wiper on a car and so vision evolved but for motorcyclists we are still the same as 110 years ago often perceived as the poor relative of the car driver. Well not in my book. Riders can now have clearer vision than drivers.

Rainpal has a jetspray like a car, we can't stop it raining but we can provide you with the same clear vision as you have when driving a car with wipers by using our unique and sleek Rainpal, the largest improvement ever in vision for motorcyclists vision in wet conditions, especially in slow city driving conditions giving you far clearer vison than rain repellents can acheive.

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Rainpal has since our launch on the 7th January 2016 had over1.000.000+ views, over 50000 Likes and currently have around 2000 people are talking about Rainpal on Facebook

Over 90,000 views of Rainpal's YouTube Video